Instructor Registration

Instructor Registration


Join the The All Star Academy Team &
Make a Difference in Students' Lives

Are you passionate about education and dedicated to helping students succeed?

Do you have expertise in a subject area and a desire to share your knowledge with others?

If so, we want you to become a part of the The All Star Academy team! real difference to the lives of students all over the world.

Quality Learning for Better Grades

As a tutor with The All Star Academy, you'll enjoy:

We're looking for talented and motivated individuals who are committed to providing high-quality education to students of all levels. Our online platform allows tutors to reach a wider audience and deliver personalized instruction at a time that works for the student.

Competitive pay

Get paid for the hours you work

Flexible schedule

Choose the days and times you’re available to teach

Professional development

Improve your teaching skills and gain experience

Impactful work

Make a difference in students’ lives and help them achieve their goals

Huge financial benefits

As a tutor with The All Star Academy, you can set your own hourly rate, based on your previous experience.

Immediate payment

With our secure payment system, clients pay for lessons before they happen and tutors receive payment.

Connect with clients quickly

With The All Star Academy easy-to-use platform, connecting with clients has never been simpler

Immediate payment

With our secure payment system, clients pay for lessons before they happen and tutors receive payment.
Let’s make a quick start today

With The All Star Academy, Build Relationships That Last For Life…

Essentially, being a successful tutor is largely about cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with students that are based on respect, trust, and mutual understanding. Therefore - not only is working as a tutor rewarding in terms of helping students, but it also creates a unique environment that promotes personal growth and both emotional and intellectual fulfillment. Many of our tutors volunteer with various NGOs, providing vital academic support to students in need. Ask our team for more information.

Sign up & Complete Your Profile

In order to sign up as a tutor with The All Star Academy, you will firstly need to fill in our simple form and then complete your profile. Your profile includes things such as a personal bio, a headshot and any relevant experience or qualifications that you have that will help you to stand out as a tutor. Once your profile is complete, you will need to submit it and one of our expert team will review and approve it and change your status to ‘live’.

Connect with Students

There are several ways in which you can connect with clients using our platform. You will either receive a direct inquiry from a customer which you will be notified of via text and email or you can apply for specific jobs that are posted daily on our website. Finally, you can give us a call and one of our educational experts will help you to find students looking for tuition in your area of expertise.

Message & Book

Our in-platform tuition booking system makes communicating and booking lessons with students quick and easy. Using our platform, you can communicate directly with students, arrange when & where you want your session to take place and discuss anything else that is relevant. We kindly ask that all communication between you and your students takes place through our platform. So, What are you waiting for? Register yourself now!
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